As the largest manufacturer of EP rubber in Korea, Kumho Polychem has been contributing greatly to the stable supply of EP rubber to the worldwide market and to the development of the auto industry, competing with the world’s top-class companies by producing various products of super quality on the basis of steady R&D. With technology acquired through 20 years of research and production, Kumho Polychem has developed INNOPRENE, a thermoplastic rubber which incorporates the elasticity of thermosetting rubber with the palsticity of thermoplastics. Various INNOPRENE products manufactured by Kumho Polychem are thermoplastic elastomers, which can be used to replace thermosetting products such as EPDM and CR rubbers. They can also replace soft PVC, which has been recognized as a cause of environmental problems. In addition, the weight of final products can be reduced due to those low specific gravities. Since INNOPRENE is a fully cross-linked product, no additional cross-linking process is required before its final use. It is an eco-friendly product of which the scraps generated in the production process can be recycled, thus simplifying the process and saving on costs. As with general plastics, INNOPRENE can be formed by common methods such as extrusion, injection, blow molding, and calendering. Especially, it is one of the new materials used in the extrusion molding (car glass run channels, window gaskets for buildings, etc.).

Innoprene Applications

  • Automotive: tubing, gaskets, door seals, dust covers, impact plates, interiors, tubes, front glass seals, etc.
  • Construction: glass seals, expansion joints, light bulb gaskets, window seals, solidification blocks, etc.
  • Office Equipment: anti-vibration, feed rollers, computer feet, etc.
  • Appliances: hose connectors, door seals, interior/exterior materials, hoses, gaskets, motor mounts, lever peaks, electric cleaner wheels, insulator seals, light insulator rings.
  • Electrical Equipment: power transmitters/receivers, connectors, mine cables, control cables, coil cords, power circuit cables, etc.
  • Sports Equipment: grips, underwater devices for divers, fishing pole grips, ski pole grips, etc.


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